Saturday, January 9, 2010

Interviews Over

Just got done, expect for head spinning when this hits

Interview this weekend

Got an interview set up for this weekend with one of the coolest fuckers on the web C&P, look for it on shortly

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First DE Day On Westside

God i hated this shit, first im getting sick, then of course im supposed to kind of go light fuck that i was pissed and sneaked in a heavy lift.

Till I find something else to talk about fuck off

A few random thoughts

If you miss a five pound pr after a week off your a pussy.
DE days suck because of the low weight
Being under 200ibs sucks
EDT needs to be rewritten for people who like to lift heavy shit.... enter GPDT

And for the grand finally
Quit being a whinny basterd and lift something jackass

Jesus Im a lazy bastard

Almost forgot about this thing, oh well, its been awhile so a quick update still lifting and switched to westside style stuff, plan to run this for about three months assess, and then depending on the progress try out c&p....dont like it fuck you.